Environmentally Friendly Way of Producing Solar Electricity

The scientific term for solar electricity is photovoltaic energy which means electricity from light. Solar Brisbane A solar panel is a collection of solar cells that are known as photovoltaic cells. It is these cells that create the solar electricity by interacting with the sunlight, and when the cells are wired together you have created a solar power panel generator.

In one day you could make a small solar power panel generator that would be enough to power some of the smaller appliances in the house. Once you have the knowledge you could increase the number of solar panels generator until all your home electrical power requirements are met from solar power.

You will be amazed at how simple and easy the whole solar power system is to set up and I have gone to great detail to explain where and how to source the materials and most important where you can pick up deep cycle batteries to use in your home solar power system sometimes for free or very cheap and I have been using this method for years with great success.

A home made solar power panel system is a big money saver and the solar panels are usually made from 3×6 solar cell modules specially manufactured and when exposing the solar cells to bright sunlight produced solar electricity.

That is why the position is so critical to where the solar power generator or solar electric array is place in relation to the suns movement across the house roof

The initial installation cost is quickly recovered after 3 or 4 power bills especially when you make your own small solar panel from information purchased from the internet.

As time and money allows, you may add more solar panels to increase your generate solar electricity so your home is running completely off the power grid. Home solar power systems can use a back-up battery bank to provide electricity at night.

Solar panel generator systems are designed to produce D.C. direct current and D.C. voltages for charging and storing in batteries or being directly converted into typical 120-230 volt alternating current 120 VAC.

Solar energy packages include detailed instructions on how to make a small solar panel by following the step-by-step instructions available with the solar energy package. Constructing a small solar panel at home does not require a lot of know how or expertise as the instructions are fully illustrated and written in simple easy to understand English.